We are partnering with Echoes of Madagascar & Cooperation Emerging Countries (COPE) to provide nutrition to the children living in remote villages of Madagascar.





January 2019


Echoes of Madagascar & COPE

Echoes of Madagascar is committed to establishing communities based on family self-sufficiency, cooperation, support and mutual trust among them. The goal of these communities is to be a model of cooperative living in a peaceful, yet dynamic environment through education, working experience, and communication skills. They accomplish this through a holistic approach by providing support, funds, and producing workshops in various areas from healthcare, education, well-being, environment, and business management.  

It is their vision that with proper formation each individual and family will be able to have a self-sustained lifestyle and be able to manage their family’s needs, as well as their personal needs, adequately. 

Cooperation Emerging Countries (COPE) firmly believes in the importance of stimulating, promoting and strengthening cooperation with the peoples of emerging countries by promoting the material, social, cultural and moral progress of the most disadvantaged individuals and groups and the relations between the North and the South of the World.


Our three-phase mission:



We will implement a micronutrient fortification program at the local school.  As part of this program we will develop and record outcome measures and to assure the success and impact of phase one.



We will build upon micronutrient supplementation with the implementation of dietary diversification through plantation of indigenous nutrient enriched vegetation, fruit bearing trees and shrubs, staple food crop plantation, education and water purification systems.



Our goal in this phase is to create sustainable communities through agricultural and health educational programs.  Crop rotation and irrigation systems, vaccinations, dental hygiene and regional educational and vocational schools.